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If you're a newbie, Welcome to DivaChix! I no longer give random gifts to newbies because some do not stay and the goodies can't be passed on. If you're new and plan to stay a while and need some help, please send me a pm and introduce yourself!

Some wonderful anonymous individual gave me an upgraded membership on - so now I HAVE to spend time over there, LOL! But I have no intention of leaving, I'll just be here less. I really do need to spend more time in real life.

FINALLY! LOL! Guess The Designer, 12/16/13: Congrats! You answered 10 questions correctly and have won 25 coins.

DC is a game where you can learn so many skills such as retail, customer service, graphics, writing and more - but it is a GAME. If you're a Bully or Drama Monger that lives to stir up trouble online but can't handle yourself in real life, please stay away from me.

All good things come from voting. Voting is how members get wealthy on this site. Unless you design CYO, getting a shop that you have to pay RENT on EVERY MONTH just to grab other people's cheap or free resale and mark it up 200 percent isn't going to get you there - Hello! DO THE MATH!! Voting earns random coins and moolah that can be used for lottery tickets and golden tickets that can be cashed in for more moolah and coins. I wish I could make a flow chart here but to sum it all up: Voting = Moolah and Coins to spend as well as Fame, Style and Perception that will move you up in rank AND Golden Tickets to cash in for more Fame, Moolah and Coins AND Loyalty Points that you can cash in for LOTS of other goodies. The more you vote, the more Golden Tickets and Loyalty Points you earn. You can also play Bingo while you vote and/or get a work permit and take on small voting jobs. Don't forget to go to the Diva Chix Emporium and spin the Diva Fortune Wheel every day as well as playing the other free games, too.

I vote DOTD to let you know that you've done a great job on your doll - especially if you had the courage to get a little crazy! I do not have time to check which doll belongs to who, so these votes are not biased. It's hard to win DOTD. This is my way of letting you know that you're MY Doll of the Day! However ~ I only vote DOTD on dolls that participate in battles. If I only see the doll in HON, I am not likely to vote DOTD. I only vote DOTD from HON if I have been seeing the doll in battles unless that doll is truly spectacular.

My two pet peeves - BACKGROUNDS and FACES. Your background is supposed to enhance your doll, not eat it! Yes, the color should match but it should not be so monotone that your doll just blends in. The background should make your doll POP! There are so many dolls that I do not vote for when a dark background has ruined your beautiful outfit. The older faces do not fit a lot of the new poses, making the noses, or sometimes the whole face, look really weird. If the face does not work, PLEASE either use a skin tone or face that does. Some designers have "full faces" that fix the problem, such as catellen and hopie26g.

I'm a Mom, Grandma and professional woman who still loves to play with dolls. I have 3 sons, 5 grandbabies, two dogs and two cats. The dogs and cats are more work than my boys ever were!

July 26, 2013 ~ I am SO honored to have my Red Carpet doll, Scarlett O'Hara, featured on the cover of the Fifth Anniversary Issue of PULSE! Especially since it's DC's Fifth Birthday!

I've won a lot of GOC's and this is why my GOC backgrounds are at upload cost, because I want to help you win, too.

Please don't hide your Outfit Info ALL the time (sometimes there is a good reason). Just because someone is wearing the same outfit does not mean they copied. If your item is exclusive, nobody can buy it anyway! and those who want to copy your outfit will figure out how to do so no matter what you do. I prefer to buy from Outfit Info because YOU get points when I do! You are also more likely to get a DOTD vote from me if you haven't hidden your info. If I have made it to your page, I will very likely take the time to rate at least 5 pages of your album - but I'm not a "rate for rate" demander, so please don't worry about returning it. I do get behind on returning rates, so if it bothers you, just send me a message and I'll be happy to make it a priority. And if I fail to thank you for a wishlist gift, it's because I deleted my alerts too quickly. Please accept my apology in advance.

I work full time, so go ahead and send battle requests if I'm offline. Sometimes I can sneak on at work to accept them - but many days I'm in the car all day and not near a computer, so I will accept them when I get home. I accept all battle requests, I no longer look to see who won. It's not about winning, it's about making friends. Don't let losses and Not votes keep you from entering events. LOL, even 3 Not votes are not enough to keep you from earning Style or a coin! Without events, there is no game. And you get points for entering battles even if you lose.

Many thanks to Sassy Snail Graphixx for my beautiful new avatar!

Join onyxknyte's great site, especially if you're a cyo designer! She has a great selection of tools!

"The Nation That Forgets Its Defenders Will Itself Be Forgotten." The number of US military casualties (Iraq and Afghanistan) from the current war alone is over 6,000. Please remember our fallen heroes this Independence Day and every day.

Do you know the signs of an abusive relationship? Jealousy is the number one red flag:

Abuse is never okay and it's never your fault. For info, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233 or go to

"Be thankful for what you have, you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever, have enough" ~ Oprah Winfrey

Native American Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Tulsa Shimmy Mob at World Bellydance Day, May 11, 2013. Our charity was the Child Abuse Network, focusing on women's and children's shelters. I'm in the back row, center.

parthena is not a part of a guild.

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