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April 16, 2010...Got DOTD for the first time ever! Yay! And didn't advertise my doll at all!

This is so cool!!!

Congratulations, the public thinks your diva is HOT!! As a result you receive 109 hotpoints, 118 moolah, 94 style and 1 coins. This includes a bonus of 50 hotpoints and 50 style because you were unanimously voted Hot! The final score was Hot: 59 | Not: 0

I have a shop now called Needful Things. Stop in and visit, you may find something you like!

Yep, I'm 41 and I play with dolls. Nope, I don't care if someone has a problem with it. I'm a mother of 4 very active children and I'm the primary income for the I'll play with dolls if I want to. Nanananana! LOL!

About battles, I will decline you if I am about to change or I think you are too hot. My average is bad enough without losing on purpose. And if you EVER see me battling a plainly dressed doll, it is because that is what I drew in Random Battles. About ninety five percent of my battles are random and I would not dream of requesting a battle from someone I don't think stands as good a chance as I do.

About friend requests, I don't just accept anyone. If I haven't spoken to you at length before, then I will not accept your request. A friend is a friend, not just a name on a list.

On Sept 11 2010, I became a grandmother to a beautiful little boy, Dylan James. It was very unexpected but he is here now and he is very loved!

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