Guild Showcase

Guild of the Month
Featured Guild
Ultimate Survivor
High Scorer
Immortal Elegance
Owner: angieluvboo
Rank 1
Score 297.3M
Taskpoints 14.7M
Hotpoints 15.5M
Style 34.4M
Fame 5M
Natural Beauties
Owner: lacetasy
Rank 2
Score 252.5M
Taskpoints 14.1M
Hotpoints 13.7M
Style 27.3M
Fame 4.4M
Victorious Vixens
Owner: jaderain
Rank 3
Score 252.3M
Taskpoints 14.3M
Hotpoints 13.4M
Style 27.2M
Fame 4.7M
Dress Up Challengers
Owner: bittey
Rank 4
Score 244.8M
Taskpoints 10.7M
Hotpoints 13.8M
Style 29.4M
Fame 2.9M
Owner: Babs11
Rank 5
Score 222.7M
Taskpoints 13.4M
Hotpoints 11.1M
Style 23.5M
Fame 4.8M
Bela and Mode
Owner: shayshay_
Rank 6
Score 158.9M
Taskpoints 8M
Hotpoints 8.9M
Style 17.9M
Fame 2.6M
Golden Girls
Owner: ronmedo
Rank 7
Score 151.4M
Taskpoints 6.7M
Hotpoints 8.5M
Style 18.1M
Fame 2M
Fierce Sistas
Owner: anne-marie
Rank 8
Score 139.5M
Taskpoints 5.9M
Hotpoints 8.5M
Style 16.8M
Fame 346.1K
Deviant Divas
Owner: kukana
Rank 9
Score 129.1M
Taskpoints 6.1M
Hotpoints 7.2M
Style 15.1M
Fame 1.4M
Devoted Stars
Owner: jacroc1999
Rank 10
Score 87.4M
Taskpoints 4.2M
Hotpoints 5.2M
Style 9.9M
Fame 1.3M
Battling Bombshells
Owner: hottistchik116441
Rank 11
Score 73.6M
Taskpoints 4.1M
Hotpoints 4M
Style 8M
Fame 1.5M
EasyGoing Gals
Owner: kasiopeya
Rank 12
Score 71.9M
Taskpoints 5.7M
Hotpoints 3.7M
Style 6.2M
Fame 1.8M
Twisted Sisters
Owner: mara_vel
Rank 13
Score 70.4M
Taskpoints 4.8M
Hotpoints 3.3M
Style 6.8M
Fame 2.2M
The Divanairs
Owner: hopezapata
Rank 14
Score 40.2M
Taskpoints 1.5M
Hotpoints 2.4M
Style 5.1M
Fame 305.4K
Material Girls
Owner: hersha
Rank 15
Score 29.4M
Taskpoints 1.4M
Hotpoints 1.6M
Style 3.4M
Fame 416.6K
Owner: auntypat
Rank 16
Score 18.8M
Taskpoints 655.6K
Hotpoints 978.1K
Style 2.5M
Fame 237K
Owner: mollym
Rank 17
Score 16.8M
Taskpoints 1.1M
Hotpoints 998.2K
Style 1.6M
Fame 237.9K
Dashing Divas
Owner: chandelier
Rank 18
Score 3.2M
Taskpoints 236.6K
Hotpoints 138.1K
Style 311.2K
Fame 50.2K
Test Guild
Owner: gwendolyn7777
Rank 19
Score 5K
Taskpoints 200
Hotpoints 0
Style 34
Fame 3.8K