Est. Oct 14, 2011 #3 Guild

Hello! And welcome to the home of the Victorious Vixens!

We are a solid team who is here to help each other and have fun.

Low Pressure!
No Drama!
Team work!

These are words some of our guild sisters used to describe the Victorious Vixens. If any of that sounds appealing... then the VV is the guild for you! We are always open to suggestions from our members, and best of all, there are nice, weekly prizes to be won! All we ask is that you log on 3 days a week, make roughly 3,000 points a week, and most importantly... have fun!

We keep our team small for the sisterhood experience and we will encourage kindness, appreciation and a relaxed atmosphere. We have members that leave to live real life at times but most return back to be a Vixen again. I guess that would mean we are doing something right.

We don't advertise but when we see a beautiful diva we will send you a join request and your always welcome to seek us out too.

Our motto is "We are friends you just haven't met yet".

Info to Join

A Friend is just someone we haven't met yet. Join today to find some new friends.
Are you a hard working member?
Do you just like to play for fun?
Do you feel as if you need a goal to aim for on DivaChix?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then we'll love to have you.


~All we ask is you respect these rules the best you possibly can, as they are really not asking much(:
-Be as active as possible in the guild, at a reasonable pace. We don't expect 24/7. However, anyone missing for more than 2 weeks will be removed to lower our task. But you will always be welcomed back if an opening is available.
-Represent the guild in activities that run daily on DC in things such as GOC, guild contests, or guild war.
-Do not make the guild uncomfortable for any potential or existing guild members.
-Alert an officer when you may not log on for 3 days or more.
-Play fairly and try the best you can in the tasks.
-Treat all your guild sisters with respect, as they shall treat you.
Failure to play by these rules in the guild may result in a temporary or permanent removal.

Cost to Apply

25,000 25


Donate to this guild.