Est. Dec 05, 2010 #9 Guild

How Fierce Sistas rolls:

-Sistas functions as a safety net in a chaotic world simply by us being there for each other!
-Relax, DC is a game it is supposed to be fun! Fierce Sistas is a No Drama Zone!
-Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!
-Respect your fellow sistas, be honest in your game play, and be true to your personal style!
-Faith and prayer are the vitamins of our soul, we cannot live without them!

Info to Join

Do you have a Fierce Heart, Fierce Soul, and Fierce Vibe?

Are you 110% Fierce ?

If you answered YES, then Fierce Sistas is perfect for you!
Please read "About" so you know how we roll!


-Embrace our Fierce Sistas Philosophy.
-Friend the other guild members and rate their albums.
-Follow Diva Chix site rules. Honest and fair play is expected.

Cost to Apply

25,000 25


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