Est. Mar 01, 2010 #2 Guild

Welcome to Natural Beauties!!!

A Natural Beauty needs nothing
but the skin they are in to be
beautiful, both inside and out.

The Natural Beauty Guild
celebrates and embraces what
makes you. Your style, your
beautiful self, no matter what
shape, size, color, or gender.

As Beauties we want to enjoy our play, continue having fun and making friends. We are about teamwork and supporting each other in all we do. DivaChix is a fun, fantastic, and beautiful place we like to enjoy and hope you do too!! :D

Info to Join

Please Read Our Guild.. About Page & Rules Pages to get know what the Amazing Beauties guild is about and what we require of our guild members. We want you to have fun and make this your home on Diva Chix if you choose to Join Us.

We are a Hardworking Guild that likes to have lots of Fun and Rewards for Our Guild Members they include Featured Member of the Week, Guild Member of the Month, Weekly Rewards, Random Games/Trivia, and Guild Contests. Our Guild also Owns All of the Benefit Cards to Help Our Members maximize Their Game Play.


Natural Beauties Rules

#1 (The Most Important Rule) ~ Alert Guild Owner or Officers if You will be Gone for more than a Few Days!! Failure to do so will result in Removal from the Guild!!

#2 ~ Participation in Guild Tasks is Required.. Check your Events Page to see what Current Guild Tasks are going on to see where You can Help out :)

#3 ~ Please make a Donation to the Guild ( large or small ) when You can. These make Accepting Tasks, Contests/Games/Trivia, and Rewards possible.

#4 ~ Be Yourself, Be Active, and most of all HAVE FUN!!

#5 ~ Always Be Honest, Fair, Kind and Respectful to All DC Members.. Do not cause Drama or Stress for Your fellow DC Members

#6 ~ Follow All DivaChix Guild and Site Rules!

? Manners are Important.. If you are gifted from a guild member, a guild sister has achieved a win, a milestone, and if you are given a gift of any kind be it a wishlist gift or an award. A Simple "Thank You" would be really nice!! ?

** Failure to follow these rules may result in a temporary or permanent removal from the Guild **

Cost to Apply

25,000 25


Donate to this guild.