Est. Jan 12, 2010 #7 Guild

Golden Girls Guild celebrated its 12th anniversary in January 2022, and most of our members have been with the guild for many years – though in recent months, we have welcomed several new and returning members. An active core of successful DivaChix players keeps us in the thick of things, yet all of our members enjoy the camaraderie when they play and are dedicated to the guild, the game, and to each other.

Our Golden Girls appreciate our guild's easy-going atmosphere, without pressures to perform, as we recognize the demands of real life. They enjoy playing to unwind from a busy day, chat with friends and, most of all, support one another. This more-relaxed approach promotes dedication and sparks creativity, and several of our members are well-known for wins in GOC and DOTD, as well as forum contests and games.

Info to Join

We always welcome new members who are interested in becoming part of a sharing and caring guild. Golden Girls Guild is a talented group, with popular designers, shop owners, and stylists, and our involved players have cultivated friendships within the DivaChix community, as well as within the guild. If you are looking for a friendly guild home, please check us out. We won't demand activity, but we will be very appreciative of your involvement and proud of your achievements.


OUR PRIMARY RULE: Play all elements of the game fairly – no cheating please. We are old enough to know better!


• Vote often and fairly.

• Enter HON so that others will see how wonderful you look.

• Battle when and if you want to.

• Participate in special guild activities when and if you have time.

• Offer to share your special talents with the guild or your fellow members.

• Participate in the guild tasks that are running when you are online. Working together we are able to complete numerous tasks each day.

• Visit the Guild Lounge for important information or member news. Whenever something is posted, each member will receive the post in a Comment that you will see in your Alerts.

• Take time to get to know the other guild members, as we hope they will become your family on DivaChix.

• Enjoy playing on Diva Chix, make friends with other players, and represent the Golden Girls to the best of your ability!

Cost to Apply

25,000 25


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