Est. Jan 12, 2010 #7 Guild

As the name might lead one to think, the majority of our members are mature and valuable individuals. Some are active or retired professionals, while others may be homemakers and important community contributors. We recognize that this game is a delightful way to spend free time and that it can provide hours of fun, relaxation, and fellowship. Therefore, we will not over-burden our members with rules or demands – but we will have expectations that you will make the most of your guild experience.

Should you wish to join our group, we ask that you contact either the owner or deputy, so that she can advise you of our process. Also, at this time she will ask you to indicate how frequently and how much you play, so that we will know if and when you might be able to assist us, should we decide to participate in a guild task or special activity.
Activity Policy (06-08-11)

While we do not have requirements regarding participation in guild tasks, the officers recognize these activities as vital to our guild --- not only for ranking purposes, but to promote teamwork and shared accomplishment. We know that, if our members are online and playing, they will – at some point – contribute to our activities. Guild members should always check alerts or the guild task area of My Events to determine if any tasks are on and help out as much as possible.

Therefore, our expectation of our guild members is to play DivaChix! We don’t expect anyone to be on here all the time (though it’s hard to break away sometimes – LOL!); however, we hope they will check in a couple of times a week. Of course, we recognize that there are often times when personal demands or technical difficulties may prevent you from playing. While we don’t expect to be uppermost in your mind at all times, we do ask that – if it is possible – to advise us if you are going to be out of the game for an extended period of time (weeks or months).

As the difficulty of guild tasks is directly related to the number of members in our guild – the more members – the harder the task – it is obvious that the administration has expectations of participation of guild members. If one or more of our small group is not playing, the rest of us must work harder to make up for their inability to participate in group tasks. At some point, a prolonged absence could become a hardship for the entire group; therefore, we have set what we believe to be a reasonable expectation for our guild members.

If a guild member has not signed onto DivaChix for two months, that person will be removed from our roster. It has nothing to do with personal feelings towards that member; rather, it has to do to fairness to all of our members. A message will be sent to the member, advising them of what is happening and why, along with instructions for rejoining, as we hope that when they are able to be active players again, they will want to be part of our guild! (Adjustments for rejoining fees may be made through rebates to the returning member.)

We hope that all will understand and appreciate this policy. It is not our desire to make demands of our members, because we know that this is just a game! It is designed for fun and entertainment, and we have no desire to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm for play or for guild membership.

Should you have questions about this policy or any other guild aspects or activities, please discuss them with Ronmedo or Catellen. The officers want and value your input and wish to be fair to all of our members and keep this a big happy “family” of great DivaChix players!

Info to Join

We always welcome new members who are interested in becoming part of a sharing and caring guild. Our guild sisters are involved in all aspects of DivaChix, and we are proud of their achievements and the recognition they receive for their superior style and creativity. Come on and join our international team of players of all ages and expect to make some great friends!


OUR PRIMARY RULE: Play all elements of the game fairly – no cheating please. We are old enough to know better!


• Vote often and fairly.

• Enter HON so that others will see how wonderful you look.

• Battle when and if you want to.

• Check our homepage and Forum page for important information or member news and activities at least once a week, if not daily.

• Take time to get to know the other guild members, as we hope they will become your family on DivaChix.

• Participate in special guild activities when and if you have time.

• Make a monthly donation of, at least, 5000 moolah and 5 coins to ensure that our guild can grow and provide the maximum benefits for our members.

• Offer to share your special talents with the guild or your fellow members.

• Participate in the guild tasks that are running when you are online.

Cost to Apply

10,000 25


Donate to this guild.