Est. Nov 23, 2008 #1 Guild

Immortal Elegance is a sorority consisting of many of the best players on Diva Chix!

Our members are strong, beautiful, confident ladies who strive for excellence!

We play hard, but fair - never compromising our class or dignity.

We're'll always find our gorgeous members on the battle field in the hottest new styles.

We're divas, we're competitive, we're graceful, we're intense, we're Immortal Elegance.

Info to Join

Immortal Elegance is always interested in hard working members who play Diva Chix regularly.

You must be willing to participate in activities such as voting, battling, Hot or Not, and generally working together as a team to complete our tasks and compete in Guild events. You do not have to be strong in all of these, but will be expected to contribute to at least one of these.

We play hard but are pretty laid back.

If you feel you would enjoy being part of our guild, please apply.


We do not have a demanding list of requirements. We only ask that you:

1. Remain active by acquiring guild points.

2. Represent the guild in activities of your choice. This can include GOC, guild contests, or survivor.

3. Have fun!

Activity is monitored by reviewing our Guild Activity Reports. Members who go four (4) consecutive weeks with 0 contributions across the board will be removed. Guild donations do not count as activity.

Cost to Apply

25,000 25


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