Est. Apr 28, 2009 #4 Guild

Welcome to DUC (Dress Up Challengers)!

We like to think of our Guild as a Family because so many of us became friends on other fashion websites and have found each other again on Diva Chix. With our vast experience in the internet fashion world, we hope to bring a powerful new dimension to our game play.

We are a guild for serious minded players. Commitment to the guild and our goals is very important. We are competitive, and always have a task running. The members of our guild family are always ready to help one another be our very best.

Info to Join

If you are able to be active, help participate in tasks, and are willing to work hard towards a team goal of being the #1 guild on Diva Chix, then this is the guild for you. We have a full array of benefits that you will gain when you join, so consider us!


Because we really want to create a community we will ask that each member:

1. Enjoy playing the game! If you are not having fun – take a break or visit (PM) another Challenger.

2. Play fair, play hard, play beautifully – in other words, just be yourselves and you’ll always be a winner here!

3. Check into the Guild page every time you come to the site. We hope to create special events for our members to participate in, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun!

4. Visit your guild sibs regularly. Not only will this give them more fame, but you can see how beautifully turned out each of us are on any given day.

5. Enter your doll in battles and Hot or Not frequently.

6. When logging on, check to see what tasks the guild is participating in. This will help you determine in what area you can help the guild the most.

7. Feel free to go to one another or one of the leaders if you have questions about the game or if you have recommendations for our Guild.

8. Patronize the shops owned by your Guild sisters. Not only will this help your fellow member, but you may find special bargains there!

Cost to Apply

50,000 50


Donate to this guild.