Est. Mar 09, 2009 #12 Guild

Jazzy Ladies is about having fun. Every member of this Guild is important, every thing you do counts, and every task you contribute towards completing is appreciated. We are a team. No one person is more important than another team member. We are drama-free. We play this game for enjoyment. It is not a business. It does not come before family, God, or school. We want members who enjoy this game and that is why they come to play.

Info to Join

Hello divas! Jazzy Ladies is looking for members. We work together as a team to complete the tasks. Being part of a Guild is so much fun. There are so many more activities that are open to Guild members only. If you feel you would enjoy being part of our guild please apply. We would love to have your participation and the uniqueness that each member brings.


All DC rules apply but the guild rules are: 1. Participate as much as you can. Every vote, every battle, every event counts towards our success. 2. Be nice to everyone. It takes very little time to be helpful and kind. 3. Be yourself. Each of us is special and unique. Celebrate that you are a wondrous person with your own sense of style and fashion. 4. MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL IS TO HAVE FUN!!

Cost to Apply

25,000 25


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