Est. Feb 28, 2009 #9 Guild

Deviant Divas is about celebrating and enjoying different and unique dolls (not ugly dolls)! If you make your doll look unique or different some or all of the time, would like to do so sometimes, or just enjoy different and unique dolls then we’re the place for you! If you want to have fun and support without worrying about winning battles then you’ll be welcomed with open arms here! If you want a guild that will be proud of itself no matter what its rank then this is the place for you! If we’re last then we’ll be proud to be last! We're Deviants and proud to be Deviants!:)

Info to Join

Join Deviant Divas if you have a unique or different doll or want to sometimes or just enjoy them! We look at dolls in the style they’re dressed and not according to our own or everyone else’s style!


1. Appreciate and celebrate all dolls no matter their style
2. Vote for dolls according to their style and not yours
3. Always vote for the best doll no matter whose it is!
4. Absolutely no cheating!
5. Be as active as possible but don't worry about donating!
6. All DC rules apply!
7. Don’t take the game too seriously!

Cost to Apply

75,000 75


Donate to this guild.