Est. Aug 01, 2017 #13 Guild

We're a simple group. We like to support and uplift each other. We like to work together as a team. No member is more valuable than the next. We all have something we bring to the table, and for that reason, we're pretty awesome. (: Our guild is unique, in that we really encourage communication amongst the members in our group, before everything else. We do want everyone to at least be active on the main site and in tasks, but when DC is in the rear view mirror, what will have really mattered? The tasks we completed or the lifelong friends we may have made? We're the guild of friendships. So, the forums is our happy place. We try to keep them active, by chatting, sharing pics, having contests, etc. Last but not least, know that we'd love to welcome any and all new Bombshells. We love new friends and adding to our, already amazing, group of Bombshells!

Info to Join

Rewards, incentives, contests, recognition, friends, a family feel, and soooo much more.
Get generously rewarded for voting, battling, entering HON and entering GOCs!
Be recognized for your hard work, and make friends for life.
Join BB today. Come see what all the fuss is about. (;


1) No Drama!
2) Everyone must contribute!
3) Have fun (:

Cost to Apply

10,000 25


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