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I've come back to this game at least 5 times over the past 4 years, since I stopped playing actively. It's time to come back for good xP

Anyway, some facts about me:

Age: 20
Sign: Taurus
Birthday: April 26
Favorite thing to drink?: Water. There is truly nothing better.
Favorite Hobby?: Writing
Favorite Book?: That's a really tough question. I refuse to answer lol
Favorite song?: C'mon, that's like asking me what my favorite book is.
Current Residence: Connecticut. Not as bad as I thought it'd be

If you would like to get to know me better, don't hesitate to ask ^.^ I promise you, I won't bite lol

I don't refuse battles unless I'm changing or I accidentally decline. It's happened a few times haha. So, by all means, bring it on :]

Until next time! (^.^)

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happy easter betty
happy easter text pink pictures

Thank you friends!
thank you friends pictures

Ashley, just stopping by to show your diva some love.xoxo

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Love your Diva! Check out our contest we have going.

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Happy New Year! May 2017 be great!

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Merry Christmas!!

thx so much for the bday wishes! oxxo

Hahaha....You did fool me. That's one long name.:)

Gorgeous!! oxxo

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Hope we'll see more participation with your sisters in doing tasks. :)

hey girl hope schools going well and do what you need to do we will
be here! have a great day! oxxo

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hey just stoppin by to see how you were? hope you have a
great wk :)

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Guild War is here and you've received a special treat to enter. Woohoo and a Boo for good measure.

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This month as a thank you I've send you your guild dues.xoxo

Hey lovely lady. Great job on FMOTW!!



Congrats on FMOTW! You had a good week and I thank you for working on task.xoxo

New week and new task with random prizes. Thanks for entering all those battles.:)

Thanks for all the battles in that last task! Plus, love this diva. My next diva is in icings new line. We have good taste.:)

Love your diva it is so stunning!!

Thanks for battling today. Enjoy your gift card Sis.

did i not welcome you? im so sorry welcome lol! great doll ashley!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Welcome Ashley to VV. Hope you enjoy your summer having fun with us.:)

Hey sis welcome to the family. I hope you will enjoy yourself :)



Your diva is gorgeous. And, water is the best drink with a twist of lemon.lol

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