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I ship Klaroline with all of my heart and soul. Logan Lerman is beautiful. Dianna Agron, Candice Accola and Emma Stone are my lady lovers. Marc Jacobs makes me wish I had more money. Broadway is my dream. Music is my thing. xo!

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Happy birthday

Happy Birthday!

So glad to have you as a FINDERS KEEPERS customer. Thank you!

Caught up on your wonderful doll album!

Have a great weekend! :)

You're beautiful-er and I love you most.

Oh my gosh, your diva seriously looks so amazing.

Love your diva, and thank you for the gift! x

I LOVE U. Nice dolllllllllll <3

I honestly adore your diva right now. That outfit is adorable. :)

Welcome to our guild! :)

Ohh thank you ><
I love your dolls hair! :o

Aw yeaaah, I'm glad I inspired you to come to the main site! <3 Just rated your first doll in your album!