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About Me
→ Hello! I am Mini, the human form and embodiment of Pinkie Pie (thanks to the amazing Molly) [check my album if I'm not sporting it at the moment]

→ I am also the admin of the Pulse Team and supervisor of the Forum Team. Feel free to message me! Always open for a chat ;D
Do not be afraid of my username it is from a light-hearted song by P!ATD

→ I'm always battling and welcome all requests. If I decline, it's definitely by accident (or I'm changing, please if you will look away for a moment). This addition may or may not be due to the guilt I am now harbouring from not remembering who the requests I just received were from and my accidental clicking

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happy bday oxxo

Happy Birthday, Mini! I hope it's a great one! :D

Happy Birthday Mini and have a great day!

Happy birthday!!! I hope is as awesome as you are! (:

A very Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Mini! I hope you have a perfect day!

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Have a Merry Christmas!

Thank you so much for the gift, hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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Have a wonderful birthday Mini!!

Happy Birthday Mini!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! :)

Happy Birthday Mini! I hope you have a great day!

Super gorgeous Diva in white!

Awwh, Mini! You know I'm emotional right now. lol Your comment was soo nice, thanks for that. I am sooo sad to not be in a guild with you any more, but I still really care for you and hope to remain friends! I love your diva, she's so classy. (: Anyway, you're a great, kind person as well. I can tell, although we've not spoken a lot, you are always helping others and putting others first. Those are the best kinds of people. Thanks for bringing a smile to many people's faces, each day on here! I hope we never lose you here on DC, like we've lost so many other greats! I hope we can stay in touch, and know that I'm just a message/comment away, always! ♥

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A warm welcome to our family!! We are glad to have you!!^_^

Welcome to Bela and Mode!! :)

Welcome to Bela & Mode!! :D

Welcome to the guild! C:

Welcome to our guild Mini! :D

Welcome to Bela & Mode! :D x

YAY !! Great to have a new sister on board, welcome ! ♥

Welcome to our family!! We are glad to have you here!!

Welcome to the family, Mini!! We're sooo beyond excited to have you!! If you get the chance, you should totally stop by the Chit Chat Thread & let everyone know a little about you. (: I'm sure they'd love to!!! Anyway, let me know if you ever have any questions or need help with anything, and I'll do my best!! Much love! ♥

Happy Birthday Mini!

Merry Christmas Mini!!! Have a lovely holiday with the ones you love!♥

I LOVE THIS DOLL!!!!!!!!!!


How could we not be friends???


your face omg. LOVE IT.

you have a beautiful face

wanted to say HI!!!

thank you for the very generous gift wow I am blown away <3

Congrats on your SMOM award


Thank you so much for the wonderful job on the article! Your wishlist is empty and you don't have an album :-(

Beautiful c;

Thank you! So so sweet of you, it was too much!! Merry Christmas :)

Happy Birthday!

You're welcome. :)

Congrats at Staff member of the month!

Lovely diva!

Thank you :D

happy birthday!!! :) hope its a good day!


awh, thanks so much for the gift!
merry christmas mini! (:

Thank you for your kindness!

Happy Holidays!