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September Blog Contest (BC1 Upcoming Shows)
Super excited about upcoming shows on PBS! I am a huge Miss Fisher's Murder Mystery Fan Series 3 has just gotten underway this month! Everything about this series is super fun- the setting (Australia), the fashion (1920's), the characters- Phryne, Dot, Aunt Prudence, the Inspector..., and the plots (MURDER Mysteries!). Phryne's James Bond style with a twist, her "independent" woman attitude, and fashion forward style make this show rise to the top of my list for "must sees" each week!

The other show I LOVE is Project Runway- call me corny! It is the only "reality" type show I really like! I have been a faithful viewer since its inception- I mean, who doesn't like Heidi and Tim? This season I am predicting that dark Candice and quirky Kelly get to the finals- as for the 3rd or 4th spot it is probably Edward-- with Swapnil and Ashley as wild cards! Merline also has potential. I think Laurie may be the next to go...Kind of miss silly Blake, but he had a lot of growing to do as a designer!

Other shows I love to watch - and new episodes should be on soon are BBC America's New Tricks, anything Masterpiece Mystery, Big Bang, and NCIS. Of course, most of them I view after they record as I work nights and evenings!

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