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~BM~ `~The World And Its Freedom~`

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Posted 05-18-2012 at 11:47 AM by draguta

~BM~ `~The World And Its Freedom~`

Posted 04-20-2012 at 05:57 PM by draguta

~Have you ever been watching a really good movie that you wanted to see for forever on one of those movie channels and when it goes off you read the upcoming movies title & summary and sigh because it sounds really lame & boring yet you can't find your remote and are too lazy to get up so you end up not only watching the whole thing, but actually enjoying the heck out of it too,lol? I did that a few mornings ago. I had just watched some movie that I had been dying to see for a long time....oddly now though I can't even remember what it was. Anyway, I sighed when I saw that "Offside" was coming on but now I am so glad I lost my remote that AM .

~Here's a brief summary on the movie: "Offside" is about a group of Iranian girls who attempts to enter Tehran's Azadi Stadium dressed as boys in order to watch a big football match but some get caught and arrested. After the establishment of the Islamic Republic in Iran, women are not allowed to enter the stadiums." Written by Kaaveh

~I'm glad I lost that remote b/c watching that movie reminded me of how extremely blessed I am to be a citizen of the United States of America. The past few years the anti-Americanism was been really bad as well as all the "America is not the land of the free; all Americans are brainwashed into believing that from birth blah, blah & blah" comments. And it just so happens that I have heard this comment thrown about several times with the past 3-4 weeks, so this movie came at a perfect time. It is impossible to watch this film and to sit there as an American or any other nationality with any knowledge of America, and claim that we've no freedom. Those comments could not be made during or immediately after a view of that film with a straight face. There is just no way.

~Back to the comments I spoke of earler, it puzzles me as to why exactly one would think that America isn't free. I have heard many of them use this defense- "Well, you can't do anything you want to do in America. Look at all the laws they have telling people what to do! They're constantly jailing people for smoking marijuana, and in America you can't do this & you can't do that...!" Okay, not only is that drivel extremely ignorant, but these claims can also be easily countered. For example, is marijuana not illegal in almost every other country in the world too? And you cannot use "laws" in general to claim that America is not free; as I just stated, surely we aren't the only country with laws in place. There must be laws FOR PROTECTION FROM IDIOTS & CANNIBALS. According to these people a country that will not allow you to commit a crime and hurt another person is not 'free'. Our justice system is nowhere near perfect by any means, but it is the best & the fairest in all of the world! If those that disagree ever have to spend the night in a Mexican jail, they just might change their tune.

~The biggest defense they use is this one- "America claims to be a free country, but yet doesn't allow same sex marriages". When I hear that I'm always like, "Really....that's it? ..that's the best you've got!?" I'm actually quite embarrassed for them. I mean, surely they must know that they need more than one reason to support their claims of how anti-freedom America is, right? But I'm not all that concerned about them b/c for the most part they will forget all about it in 2-3 years and not give a hoot about same-sex marriage b/c they'll be too busy living their lives to think about it....hopefully anyway. Plus, it's not like they have a strong argument that is going to persuede the world to the point of revolution.

~I hear so much about how homosexuals, bisexuals, transexuals, Muslims, atheists, etc. are discrimanted against here in America and how awful a country it is for it. So, in closing I'm gonna do a little comparison. We already know from reading the beginning of this blog that females are NOT allowed to attend sporting events in Iran, while in America they ARE allowed to do so. Even though couples of the same sex cannot marry in the U.S.(with the exception of 5 states that DO allow it), it is not against the law to be gay here, but it is in 76 other countries around the world which include Saudi Arabia, Barbados, Solomon Islands, Algeria, Bangladesh, Morroco; and in 7 countries the penalty for the 'crime of homosexuality' is death.

~In America, we are free to practice whichever religion we want and/or to be free from religion period, meanwhile in Laos: "The government of Laos set a goal of completely eradicating Christianity from the country by the end of 2000. In a September interview, a Laotian Christian said, "They've drawn up plans to eliminate the Christians: first by forcing them to sign a document rescinding their faith, then to close meeting places, and finally to check that they make offerings to the Buddhist priests"(*source & link below). While "Today Malaysia is 51% Muslim and extremely resistant to any other religions. In fact, a new law is being proposed that would make converting from Islam an offense punishable by three years in prison"(*notice it's not inclusive to just Christianity, it includes every religion).

~Well.... Vietnam deserves its own section: "VIETNAM: In 1975 Vietnam became a communist nation with a total population of over 77 million. Religion was seen as a threat to national security, and massive "re-education" campaigns were set in motion. The government is finding it more effective to fine Christians than to imprison them. A pastor in Vietnam recently reported that Christians there are "always under persecution." Pastors and believers are being imprisoned regularly. Back in November 2000, on the very day that President Clinton met with officials to discuss freedom of religion, police raided a worship service across the city, arrested the pastor, confiscated Bibles, and threatened the worshippers.

"The oppressive and anti-religion policies have been carried out ruthlessly and persistently by the Vietnamese government for almost 50 years." Rev. John Tran Cong Nghi testified before the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. "Many clergy and faithful suffer for years in concentration camps for just living out their faith".
Vietnamese law does grant religious freedom, but the list of punishable offenses can be interpreted broadly, and punishments are applied according to the whim of local authorities. This uncertain and restrictive atmosphere makes ministry difficult."


~Internet censorship: "The People's Republic of China blocks or filters Internet content relating to Tibetan independence, Taiwan independence, police brutality, the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, freedom of speech, pornography, some international news sources and propaganda outlets (such as the VOA), certain religious movements (such as Falun Gong), and many blogging websites. At the end of 2007 51 cyber dissidents were reportedly imprisoned in China for their online postings". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_censorship_by_country

~In Australia, "In 2007 a bill passed giving the federal police the power to block the access to any website. They already had a filtering system is place, but it was very limited in scope".

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