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`BC` ~Fresh Starts On New Years Resolutions...Tips On How To Stick To Them~

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Posted 01-27-2013 at 06:05 PM by draguta

~Speaking of a new year and "fresh starts", I'm pretty sure we all make "new years resolutions" every year only to give up on them after about only 3 months....if we make it that far, lol, or completely forget about them and/or give up.

~After so many years of failing on our resolutions we may wake-up one day and decide that from now on, the only new years resolution we will make, and stick to, is that we will no longer make anymore new year's resolutions! ...Fair enough...but what if we really wanted that resolution for ourselves...What if that is part of our unhappiness and what if obtaining that would go a long way in improving our lives, mood, health or overall attitude, anything....everything? Would it be worth one more try then? ..Maybe one more practical try where we reexamine why we've failed at all the previous attempts and go from there? After all doing so already gives you an upper-hand of sticking to that resolution this year, right!?

~Since we'll probably need some examples of 'new year's resolutions' to go by from here on out, let's name some of the most common ones.....Lose weight, quit smoking, further our education, go after a promotion, getting your entire house/garage organized & de-cluttered, stop spending too much money/save some money, improve relationships. Regardless of what the resolution is, we must first ask ourselves why this specific thing is our resolution. For instance, if the resolution is to quit smoking, are you trying to do that because you yourself really want to, or are you mostly doing it because of pressure from your family, friends, significant other, etc.? I think we can all agree that smoking is a dangerous, unhealthy habit; however, in order to be successful at quitting, it must be because we ourselves want to do it for us....because we decided to do so for whatever reason.....not because our spouse continually nags or gently asks us to. So, the bottom line is- If you're not doing it for you, go ahead and scratch it off your list & put it out of your mind because I do not need to be a psychic to predict your very high chances of failing.

~At the risk of being called "Miss Obvious" later, I feel I must still bring up the importance of keeping our goals/resolutions realistic. If your resolution is to 'lose weight', don't set yourself up for failure by aiming to lose 25 lbs. in the first week. ..Bringing this up though does lead me onto the topic of taking small steps in order to reach our goals. I'll use the goal of weight lose again in this example- Don't start your resolution off on the first few days by making promises/goals such as "I will be at the gym every AM by 6 for my daily hour & a half work-out" or by dramatically cutting your caloric intake....let's say from 4,000 to 1,200 daily. ..Sure, at first you're gonna be really motivated & super-pumped, but by the time the fatigue and the headaches caused by the sudden "shock to the system" set-in, you just might be ready to throw in the towel as you start to feel like this is just too much for you.....and you're right...it is. A much more attainable method would be to start off working out at the gym twice, maybe 3, times a week and instead of the dramatic calorie slashing, start out by replacing a few food items at your house at a time with more nutricious choices, or if you find yourself at McDonald's, don't deny yourself, just instead of ordering the Big Mac combo, order a hamburger(no cheese), a small fry or a side salad & a diet soda or water. If your goal is to organize your house, don't overwhelm yourself by trying to tackle the problem by working on all the different rooms at the same time, instead assign days for certain rooms....like on Mondays you work on the kitchen, on Tuesdays you work on the closets, etc.

~Some people find that keeping a resolution journal is really helpful......In fact, you could keep a 'resolution blog'......even here at DC ! The journal is not something to be used just in the months of January & February; it is meant for 12 months.....all year long. ...And that makes perfect sense, seeing as that whatever bad habit you have you didn't acquire it overnight, or just in 1-2 months time, it is likely that that habit took years to develop.....This is also helpful to remember whenever you feel like you're not making any progress. The journal should not be used only for setting goals & marking successes; it is incredibly important to document everything you're doing so that you can go back and reflect on what seems to be working & what doesn't; it's also crucial to write about your set-backs, relapses & stumbles.

~Speaking of set-backs, relapses & stumbles, we will have them. This is not an if, it is a when. If you're like me, and most other people, there is nothing like a relapse to convince us that we have 100% totally & utterly failed and therefore we must go ahead and give up as it's pointless to even try. This is the #1 reason that the majority of people do not meet their resolutions & why they forget & give-up on them so early. It is necessary, in order to ever obtain what we want, to get back up, brush ourselves off and get back on the wagon. That is the only way we will ever get results. I suggest that everyone go ahead and prepare themselves mentally for all the set-backs and condition their minds to know what they mean....how little they mean in one hand, but in the other just how much they can mean.
Because if you're actually doing a resolution right, you will be working on it all year......even when it's time to make your new ones for 2014 . The most important thing is to realize a set-back for what it is and what it is not which is a failure. ...So what if you missed the gym this morning or even all week, you''ll go tomorrow and smile....so what if you gave in a smoked a Camel Light, forget about it and figure out what triggered you into doing it..just don't go out a buy a whole pack or carton because you slipped up once or twice .
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