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mini summer wishlist + weekend happiness!

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Posted 06-22-2013 at 06:59 PM by hollyx
Updated 06-22-2013 at 08:08 PM by hollyx

"Weekends are a bit like rainbows;
they look good from a distance but
disappear when you get up close
to them."

Happy weekend lovelies!
I'll just say it straight out - I'm so glad it's the weekend. I've genuinely been looking forward to the weekend since Monday morning ahhh. *sigh*

This week has just been one of those typical weeks where lots of little things go wrong, or people have annoying habits that just slowly edge you towards that fine line that's just about to break and fall to pieces.
Work has been a little bit crazy this week, I started off the week by waking up with a headache first thing on Monday - which is never a good start to a day. Skip forward a few hours, and I ended up hitting every red traffic light, getting stuck behind every tractor and bin wagon and being stuck in the longest lines of traffic which led to me being late, again - not the best start to a Monday. As it turns out, I was late for work another three times this week for essentially the same reason, even when I left the house earlier to miss the traffic times, I still hit it!!

So, Monday is my report day, I have to just collate and sort out reports for 8 hours which is a little bit of a bore. On Tuesday, the scandal of the century occured at work - someone stole some money out of our teams piggy bank that we use to collect the money for tea & coffee.. seriously, who would go to the effort of shaking 50p's to the value of 8 out of a noisy piggy bank? As it turns out - the piggy bank lives on my desk as I am the general office slave so I have the honour and responsibility of sorting out tea and coffees, so people seemed to think that it was me stealing money from the pig, and even though I'm damn sure it wasn't me, I felt really guilty and that I had something to hide all day.
By Wednesday I was ready to just fall asleep on my desk, we actually decorated our office in the middle of the week with balloons and bunting etc, as my boss is getting married this week, so our office was just full of balloons which was so nice - apart from everytime I went to stand up, I stood on balloons and nearly broke my neck, so I'm guessing nobody did a risk assessment there then!
Thursday's just turn into my longest day with me being out of the house from 8am 'til 10pm with work and dance straight afterwards, which leads to me feeling like I've been hit by a bus on Friday.
So, by Friday I desparately needed a few hours to do some of my NVQ/apprenticeship coursework, which should have taken priority over anything else that day, but one of the directors from the company kept giving me quite important 'business-critical' jobs to do, such as reports and helping out with recruitment... as boring as my coursework usually is, I like just sitting down with my folder, my music on loud in my earphones and just zoning out for a few hours, but no. Essentially - I need a holiday. So badly.

Yeah, I'm definitely glad it's the weekend.
I used my time on this glorious Saturday to put together a little Summer Wishlist, I'm hoping to do these fairly often - but I'm not going to promise them on a schedule, because I think by now we all know that I can't stick to a routine!!

Summer for me is all about simple dressing with a new edge, skirts with unique cuts and shapes, or plain skirts with great prints are like little slices of heaven for me this summer. My usual looks at the moment have been mostly black, whites and neutrals and is definitely a look that I love, but would reaaaally like to get out of the habit of choosing every morning.

How I'd style these....
Look #1. I would style the printed pelmet skirt with the blue sweater, slip a crisp with blouse under the jumper and leave it sticking out at the edges. I'd wear the metallic brogues and some coral pink ankle socks (no frills or lace!!!)
Look #2. The yellow t-shirt dress with the black ankle boots. Would probably chase down a burgundy or deep purple bag with this one.
Look #3. I would definitely rock the floral blazer with the red origami skirt, plain white t-shirt hanging loose and all lazy, and again would be with the black boots.
Look #4. That fabulous denim skirt with the metallic shoes, and a white crop top.

Item credits
metallic brogues,
cut out black dress,
black and white skater skirt, denim curve skirt, yellow t-shirt dress and blue angora jumper
orange origami skirt, marble print skirt
white draped shirt, floral blazer, white & sheer dress, black ankle boots, white and sheer crop top, and black halter top

Next up on the blog will in theory be a new shop release which I'm excited for!! Fashionista needs some new clothes ahh. Aaaaand after that (or before that..) will be a 'my current wardrobe' plus styling tips and a lookbook of sorts! I've really really enjoyed spending time on a decent little hit of fashion content on my blog, and would definitely love to do more fashion posts in the future, so pretty please let me know what you think of more fashion topics on pretty little scribble, and also-let me know in the comments down below what your summer faves are and what us on your summer wish lists!

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  1. Old Comment
    phantom's Avatar
    those boots are GORG I WANT THEM <3
    Posted 06-23-2013 at 02:04 AM by phantom phantom is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Really love those boots, they're gorgeous! I hope you're enjoying your weekend and hopefully you're relaxing at least a little. :]
    Posted 06-23-2013 at 02:51 AM by cocodoll cocodoll is offline

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