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Going Green

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Posted 01-23-2011 at 12:20 PM by artist0014545

Posted originally on Friday, November 12, 2010 at http://teenage-dreamers.blogspot.com.

In honor of NBC's Green Week, the blog has a new layout! I know, you're ecstatic, and probably a little bit sad that the old template is gone. Have no fear, this layout is only temporary. But, while it's up, you'll get to enjoy a small frog on the right side of this post encouraging you to recycle. And is there a better way to brighten your day than that? Your answer, of course, is no.

I think all of us have some fond memories of last year's NBC green week, whether it was Recyclops from The Office or... something else that NBC did. Actually, Recyclops is all I can remember. Just because... it's hard to forget anything that Dwight Schrute does on that show. Honestly, it is.

So, you may be asking yourself right now what you can do to celebrate NBC's Green Week. I figured I could find more ideas of what not to do, and here are some of the ones that made it in my brainstorming list:

1. Do not plant a garden. In case you didn't notice, it's November. Planting a garden- in November!- would not be the wisest thing of all things to do. For one thing, plants like sunlight. And there really isn't too much of that going around in the winter. Also, in the winter people start to get lazy, and you will not be watered, poor little plants. If by some miracles your plants do even start to grow, they will also freeze. And no one likes frozen vegetables. I cannot think of anything more terrible.

2. Do not pick up trash on the side of the road. For one thing, it's dangerous. Some moron could hit you with their semi-truck, and that would be a real downer to your day. Also, it's terribly cold out, and if you're wearing gloves, it's rather hard to pick trash up. Furthermore, why would you even want to pick trash up with your new gloves. This is prime flu season time, people! Trash picking could put you at even more risk.

3. Do not plan to start exercising more. It's true. I don't know what this has to do with Green Week, either. But, really, you're only going to be disappointed in yourself. People experience Bear-like syndrome in the winter. This is where they eat a lot of food, and don't get of their lazy butts. If you think you're going to go our for a jog right after Thanksgiving meal... Well, good luck holding your stuffing down.

4. Do not protest garbage trucks. Firstly, those things are huge. If you try doing a sit in or something with your recycling bin friend, the driver will probably not even see you, and they will run you over, and you will be smushed. And really, garbage trucks are doing their job. Not everything can be recycled or composted. It's true- no one wants your old broken pair of sunglasses, and burying them in your backyard won't do much, unless they were special to your for some reason and you want some closure...?

5. Do not spend time making a list of things not to do this Green Week. It's a huge waste of time. Trust me, I would know.
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