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My 2011 top 5 memories.

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Posted 01-21-2012 at 01:07 AM by staciedaisy123

My 2011 top 5 memories.

Ayee! Scarlett here, I thought I just share
what my 2011 school highlights were
Hope you read and maybe you can relate to
them! I dont know but just yeah.


Well, number 1.
I moved up a year level to grade 5. Feeling excited
because now I could be in classes with my old best
friends again. Which I got most of them back :]

Number 2 memory.
One of my friends 12th Birthday was coming up & myself and my 2 best friends were invited, so we decided that we would go shopping on the friday night and get her a whole ton of stuff from us all When we got picked up we went to the plaza and we got her a handbag from Jay Jays, have you heard of the shop? And then we went to a huge department shop called Target got her some nail polish and something else, but I cant remember ;/ We paid for them and then went to a tiny shop called 'my beauty spot' and we were going to get some more nail polish except my friend Molly, she was holding the nail polish and she dropped it, the ground had glass all over it and there was nail polish everywhere but then we were still allowed to get something else so we looked for the same nail polish but there wasnt any so we got another color and it was much better. And we got her some other things and then we had tea at the food court and I got dropped off home and it was an awesome night ;]

Memory 3! Woohoo, but honestly not really good.
Okay, so I was at school one day and we had to have school parent teacher interveiws kind of thing and I was told that my friends were going to ask the guy i like out for me and I ran to the bathroom to hide, but when I was turning the corner the guys were with their prep buddies and one of his friends were telling me to come to them, this was before they asked him out for me but I didnt go to them and so now I never know what they were going to tell me. But so Im in the bathroom and my friends are asking him out for me. The bell rings to go back to class and I go back and stand with my friends as they tell me what he said and they said he said no and I feel really sad and yeah, you get the point. And then another day they asked him out and I didnt really care then, but then it happened again when I was just sitting in the eating area when the bell rang and one of my friends told a girl I dont particully like and they tell her that I like this guy and so she goes up to him and shes screams out loud, "will you go out with Scarlett" And I just sit there thinking oh my god, everyone just heard her and now they know that I like him and hes like 'no' shaking his head and I kind of feel worse then ever.

Memory 4.
Finding out who I was in a class with this year but back then it was classified as 'Next year' I hoped for the teacher I had in 2010, and I got him YAY. I hoped for a guy that I started to like to get in my class, I got him YAY. But then my teacher said that the girl I was telling you in memory 3 that I didnt like, well I got her. I know I cant have everything I want and in a perfect way but when we got to our future classrooms, I said "Ohh I hope we dont have that kid, if we do then it'll be the 3rd year in a row and so I find out I have him and I feel so fustrated...But I dont care at the moment. I didnt get any of my friends either. And its my last year and the last year I will get to see them because we are all going to different schools in different areas and I will never have time to visit.

Memory 5, I think might be the last one for now.
Christmas! Who doesnt love christmas, woohoo! Okay, well I woke up christmas morning so excited for new presents And I get this big box and Im thinking, what could that be! But before I opened that I had to open this small thing. I was so hoping it would be an ipod touch with all my luck. But when I opened it, it was a chocolate box. So sad and I did say, I complainted. "I dont want chocolates though!" I said it alright and I look at mum and my sister. "Opened it up." Mum said, so I opened it and it wasnt chocolates!!! YAY. And instead it was something else wrapped up in xmas wrapping paper, so I tear that apart and its an IPOD TOUCH!!! WOOHOO. I almost fainted sitting up. I was off the chain excited and feeling the best yet. I was on it all day. Litterly, all day. Ahh, best Christmas yet, that I can remember I think. Ohh and the box was a '17 in 1 Accessory Kit for Ipod' so Yeah,

Thanks for reading, xoxo Scarlett. "Ayeee!"
I also got the JB xmas album and jacket! woohoo.
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