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Posted 03-06-2011 at 04:29 AM by helga
Updated 03-06-2011 at 09:11 AM by helga

Either we are eating food just for pleasure or because we need it to support our body, the truth is no one says no to food! Few of us still hunting, fishing, farming... and many of us obtains it in the market(guilty).*wink*
The enjoyment we get from food is not just when we eat it but also during the process of making it. You don't need to be a professional chef to enjoy or prepare a great meal. All you need is to love to make it and nothing else! Well some of us may need help here and there, once in a while, but love is still need it so you can enjoy the process.
When it comes time to prepare our meals, small or big ones, we do what we know by memory and other times we run to recipe books trying to find something that sounds delicious so we can give it a try, and the one that brings water to our mouths is the winner!
I have different recipe books and a notebook filled with recipes copied from my moms notes from when I was a teenager. The cover of the note book has been lost from me touching it over and over again for this past 11 plus years. It brings me closer to home every time i get homesick, and I try to imagine my mom cooking some of those recipes while I'm preparing the meal.
Growing up in Cape Verde I've learned that food is meant to be shared not hidden. it is hard for you to go to someones home and leave without eating something. We always hear stories told by our grandparents about the famine and starvation that ravaged the islands in many occasions. Stories about friends, neighbors, family members who perished because they had nothing to eat for a while. The ones who leaved away from the city had it hard, especially with the lack of transportation, so the ones who had enough stored away would be looking over their neighbors home waiting to see signs of smoke coming from those homes when nothing was seen for a day or two they would bring something to help them hold on for a while.
This stories are always told especially to young children when they don't want to share their food or refuse to eat what they have at the table, so they can learn to value and appreciate having a meal to eat.
I think all this stories got to me because every time I see good food going to trash it bothers me a lot, especially when one knows of all of those who are in the world suffering from famine and starvation.
And I believe that as parents, grandparents, friends, daughters, granddaughters,sisters, brothers, we have the responsibility to pass the word to those we know about appreciating and thanking that there is food in our tables everyday, and also to help feed those who can't today.

PS- Always make sure you have something to offer someone to eat, because no matter what you may think there might be people you know who may not have been able to put some food in their table for a while...

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    young_diva's Avatar
    My mom always writes recipes down in a book...may be in future I will do what you do with your mom's recipe book.

    We respect food as much, at many homes its a custom to pray and thank God for the food. We also give food to the crows and cows.
    Posted 06-10-2011 at 08:36 AM by young_diva young_diva is offline

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