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3 Letters. Yet, a very powerful word. There are many different types of it, from poetry, to photography, to painting. Some is inspired by nature. Some is not. Most is inspired by someone or something. It is inevitable. It is everywhere. It is a way of getting out emotions, a way of living, a hobby, and much more. Imagine a world without art. In that case, there would be no world. Even nature by itself is art. You can always find a picture in the cracks of a tree trunk, or make shapes out of clouds in the sky. Everybody is different, though. So some people may not see that same picture in the tree's trunk as you did. They have a different pair of eyes than you. You have your own eyes. They have theirs. They see art differently than you, so do not ever let anyone call your art "ugly". They just don't have your eyes. You shall do thee same- do not call art ugly. No matter how your eyes see the art, no art is ugly. Every creation on this earth is beautiful, wether or not you know it. Only the man in the sky knows his plan. He knows why he put his creations in order, and for what reason.
~Sheila Marie

Hi, Welcome to Animal! If this is your first visit, please take a look here to learn a bit on navigating the blog. Thank You!

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How to Navigate B
Can I share your entries on my social media?
Of course! The top right of each entry provides links to Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and Google Bookmarks.

I really like/don't like this entry. Can I rate it?
Yes. At the top right of the entry, click the "Rate this entry" arrow. You can give me stars 1-5.

I feel as though you have posted something offensive or inappropriate. How do I report you?
Click the yellow triangle at the bottom right corner of the specific entry.

I see that some of your entries are posted in certain categories. Can I see a full list of the categories?
No, as I have disabled anyone from seeing my list of categories. You may only see categories when they are associated w/ a certain entry.

Can I see how many people have viewed a single entry?

Yes. Next to the comments button, at the bottom right corner, there will be a viewing number.

My Custom Pages

What are custom pages and how do I view them?
Custom pages are pages created by the publisher, which are part of her blog, but do not count as a blog "entry". They have their own sole purpose.

To view the current custom pages, scroll to the top of the blog, and move your mouse torwards the left. You will see the publisher's profile picture, usually in square or rectangular format. Just below the picture lies the links to the current custom pages.

The Sidebar
The sidebar is the pannel on the left side of the blog. It consists of a search bar, to search through my entries, which I assume you know how to use. It also shows other registered bloggers who have viewed my blog. Last but not least, it contains some information about the publisher.

Why do the other blog sidebars on this website look different?
I have disabled some features that other bloggers have allowed on their blogs. I also added some unique features to take their place.

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