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Not Another Blog, is not only a blog but a place where creativity is embraced. I do reviews on different things, I make tutorials, I share poetry, stories and articles I have wrote. I also have special features on my blog like, "Rising Stars", "Poetry Session" and "I Interview You".
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EXCLUSIVE: The Britniee Bimbo Radio Show

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Posted 07-12-2010 at 06:00 AM by shewascool
Updated 07-12-2010 at 06:02 AM by shewascool

The Britniee Bimbo Show
Episode 1: Bring Your Ex To Work Day


- Hello, and welcome to the Britniee Bimbo show.
- My name is Britniee and I'm a Bimbo!
- Today's guest is having a really rough time. His girlfriend cheated on him and broke his heart.
- Bob?

- Yes. Iím here!

- Greeeeeat.
- Your on the line with BB, please tell us what happened.

- Well, I just got out of a bad relationship with the love of my life.

- Wow. Bob. Iím really sorry to hear that.

- Yeah, and It really made me sad you knowÖ

- Thatís great! Alright, its time for a quick break. BB will return after this brief commercial.

ďCome on down to mamas house, come on down to mamas barbeque house.
Come on down to mamas barbeque chicken house, where we specialize in welding.Ē

- Where is my Decaf Mocha?

- Weíre Live!

- Alright .. And welcome back to the Britniee Bimbo show.
- We have Bob on the line who is just getting out of a horrible relationship.
- Please continue with your story BOB

- Well, I loved her so much and she just broke my heart. She said she didnít even want to be with me.

- Monica please pass me some gum.

- She didnít want to be with me anymore. She told me she was seeing some guy in a boy band.
- And umm. She didnít even.

- Oh My Goodness

- She didnít want to ever speak to me again.

- Thatís really great BOB. Listen, let me give you some advice. If I say I donít want to speak with you anymore then I donít! Donít call my show anymore, this is the 48th time this week. Get over it!

- But I cant let you go my BB Butterfly! I love you so much!

- RAWR, you discuss me. Iím with Joe now. Your jeans could never fit as good as his do!

- But.. Iím trying to find better jeans.. just for you. I want to be with you. Please give me another chance.

- YesÖ yes!

- I miss and I love you pleaseÖ

- Sorry BOB your time is up.
- That concludes this session of our advice show. See you next time on the Britniee Bimbo show.
- My name is Britniee and I'm a Bimbo!

- We need to start screening these calls.

LOL, I hope you all enjoyed my Radio-Web-Minisode. I had a lot of fun making it! Feel free to comment. Hopefully the second episode will be better.
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  1. Old Comment
    Smile-Maker's Avatar
    ahahahahahaha. Great job, mushirah.
    Posted 07-12-2010 at 10:44 AM by Smile-Maker Smile-Maker is offline
  2. Old Comment
    shewascool's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Smile-Maker View Comment
    ahahahahahaha. Great job, mushirah.
    lol, thank you verrrrrrrr much darling.
    Posted 07-12-2010 at 06:09 PM by shewascool shewascool is offline
  3. Old Comment
    bittey's Avatar
    Creative and Funny!

    Love your name BB - keep your blog going.
    Posted 09-05-2014 at 03:59 PM by bittey bittey is offline

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