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Am I Wrong For Getting Upset?...

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Posted 07-10-2012 at 11:35 PM by itsmik3y

So you all know that i broke up with Damien.
But we are still Friends.
so everything is good...

to the real problem.

(Everything Here Is The Back Story)
( Click to show/hide )

So like, a few weeks into me and Damien dated
He had me ooVoo with damien, his friend Taylor(a guy), & Taylors BF Francisco(fran for short).
So i was like oh they're nice bla bla.
I am gay, yes.
But i don't really get along with flamboyant gay guys.
Its not that i have anything against them.
Its just my personality clashes with them and we don't get along.
hope its understandable
So after we oovooed i told damien.
"I dont like fran." (he is very flamboyant)
he asked why
i was like
"well. he is feminine and i kknow i will argue with him or get annoyed. So i dont like him"
damien tried defending him and i was like what ever.
i just dont want drama so i avoided it.

A few days later Damien started acting funny.
He would randomly ignore me for hours and i never understood why
And he wouldnt tell me what he was doing while he was ignoring me.
So i went to Taylor was asked him why what is he doing bla bla.
Taylor told me "Well i know today he was drinking. He messaged me talking to me and what not and i could just tell he was drunk."
I got so mad. i was like. "Awesome"
then me and taylor talk more about damien so i can see how he is.
Taylor tells me "Well i gotta be honest. Damien is kind of a player. Before you he has alllll these guys he would talk to. One after another. You could be a booty call for him."
so i went to Damien asking him about it and Damien was like, that was my past idk why he would say that bla bla bla bla.!!!
what ever.
So then like a few weeks AGO!
Damien texts me saying like "oh taylor talkin shit"
im like... about me? what is he saying.
I guess damien told him about my past.. and all that.. so Taylor started saying how im a low life hoe and how im using damien for sex and all this stuff and im in total shock like UHM!
so i was like Well what did you say back.
Damien i guess sat there and said nothing...
1. I was being talked HORRIBLY by damien's friend.
2. Damien didnt defend me or anything.
3. WHY!
so i blew up on damien and bla bla bla.
Then i get a message from Fran.
he was like "why are you talking bad about me. being 2faced. if you dont like me. dont pretend to be nice" yada yada.
Im like "uhm. what are you talking about? i told damien i dont get along with feminine guys but i gave you a chance and your actually cool"
so that got me mad cause damien is twisting my words and what not.

(hope that made sense)

so that all that happened and Damien said he stopped talking to them.

Now that we broke up. but still friends.

I just got home and get on twitter and i see Damien talking to them?
I honestly dont care.
But how can you sit there and talk to Taylor of all people who was saying those things about me and trying to ruin our relationship and what not?
Like, i dont understand.

So i feel wrong for getting upset.
But i am?
Amd i wrong??
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  1. Old Comment
    hiddensecrets's Avatar
    You are not wrong. I can understand how you would be upset that your the ex-boyfriend, that you just broke up with, is talking to the people that tried to break you guys up. You are not wrong for being upset.
    Posted 07-10-2012 at 11:40 PM by hiddensecrets hiddensecrets is offline
  2. Old Comment
    ocean_crumbles's Avatar
    No. You're not wrong for getting upset. You have every right to feel what you feel.
    Posted 07-10-2012 at 11:44 PM by ocean_crumbles ocean_crumbles is offline

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