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A look into the loves and life of Livia (McWHYSOSRS)
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Music Post; Avicii

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Posted 08-30-2011 at 11:45 PM by McWHYSOSRS
Updated 01-03-2012 at 12:17 PM by McWHYSOSRS
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I honestly could go ON and ON about this guy. I'll try to keep it restrained because maybe i'm slightly biased, but he is BRILLIANT. He really is.

If you don't know who he is, you will now! A lot of you have probably seen me ramble on and gush about him. I really think he's just SO brilliant. So here it goes!

Okay, so who is he? Avicii, or Tim Berg, is a 21 year old Swedish DJ. He does a bit of producing too. He mainly does house music (personally my favourite genre).

Big deal. What's so special about him? He's incredibly talented for being 21. A lot of people think electronic music takes no skill whatsoever, but they're very wrong! To be able to make song after song and never really have a disappointing track is a big deal. A lot of house musicians don't really find their stride until later on, but he has hit it BIG and FAST. He's all over the place. He's had an enormous breakthough and it is SO well deserved.

I don't like house music. I understand a lot of people don't. Although I find people who haven't given it a try always say that. Don't doubt anything before you try it! A good track for people who aren't 'house heads' is Seek Bromance. It's more of a pop song, but very pleasing. Even if you don't like pop, you should give it a try. You never know, it may grow on you!

Seek Bromance-Tim Berg

for you that are more adventurous, or already like house music, here are a few of my absolute faves. These all have over 2000 plays on my Ipod (Seek Bromance does too, though ) :

Street Dancer


Swede Dreams

The Birth Of Tim Berg

and then one of his latest breakthroughs..It's such a good song! So good leona lewis' producers tried to rip it. Here's Fade into Darkness:

Fade Into Darkness

like what you heard? Tim has a mindblowing podcast on Itunes, which is called Le7els. It's free and I highly reccomend it. Even if you don't like the music, you'll probably enjoy his cute swedish accent.

plus, idk about you guys...but I think he's a qt.

that's it for today!
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  1. Old Comment
    ahhhh, haven't read blogs in a long time but saw the title of this post and thought it's a must read lol.
    It's soo true how everyone thinks that any kind of dance/electro music takes no skill..and they're stupid for thinking that (had countless arguments with a friend about this lol)
    and as much as i'm hating to say this, my sister will be seeing this bad boy in november
    Posted 08-31-2011 at 04:29 AM by tiramisu tiramisu is offline

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