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Asian Noodles and Sauce Recipe :0

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Posted 08-16-2011 at 10:20 AM by McWHYSOSRS
Updated 01-03-2012 at 12:21 PM by McWHYSOSRS
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I just saw my other two posts were in the 20's in views.

but anyways. enough of patting myself on the back.

today I just wanted to share a recipe that is like SUPER DUPER easy and tastes amazing

oh and just a note, i'm not claiming to be asian. But 3/4 of the ingredients are asian soo


- Chow Mein Noodles. (You can buy them at your local asian market, asian/international aisle of your store, or if you live in Canada and have a Real Canadian Superstore, I usually found mine where they make the sushi.)
They either usually come in a clear package or in packets like ramen.


- A medium pot

-Wooden Spoon

•Fill your pot up with water from your tap. I usually use about 8 cups of water but it depends on the size of pot you're using.

• Bring it to a boil.

•Once the water starts to boil, add the desired amount of noodles. Drop them in and stir them quickly. These noodles take 1-2 minutes usually. It will always say how long to cook them on the back.

•Once it's been about 1 minute, use your wooden spoon to take a noodle out and try it. If it needs another minute then cook them for a minute longer.

•Once it's ready turn off the heat and put your pot on another burner. Sometimes it may froth over a little bit, but usually not. Drain your noodles in a colander.

•Shake the excess water off the noodles.

now it's time for sauce!

- 2 tbsp.Soy Sauce
-1-2 tbsp.Rice Wine Vinegar
-Sriracha (optional)
- 1 tsp.Sugar
-Water (optional)
-a few drops of Sesame Oil
-A small bowl/ramekin


• Add 2 tbsp of soy sauce to your bowl.
• Add a few drops of sesame oil (not too much, you'll be able to see the drops of sesame oil in the soy sauce so round it to maybe 4-5 drops)
•Add your rice wine vinegar
•Add Sugar (and make sure it's not a heaping teaspoon, level it off)
• Add Sriracha if you want (I like to because it adds a little zing. Don't be scared to put a little because the sugar balances it out) but don't get too crazy with it.

•Mix your sauce and taste it. If it's too strong, dillute it with some cold water (start with 1 tsp) until satisfied.

•Add to your bowl of noodles, toss and eat!

Hope you enjoyed it. If you guys like recipes just tell me!
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